What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a collaborative conversation that helps the client gain clarity and insights on the unconscious beliefs and behaviors of childhood that are in the way of the client achieving their life-goals and dreams.

Coaching is non-judgmental. The coach assumes that the client comes into coaching with a high degree of motivation to gain clarity on the skills, beliefs and behaviors they will need for them to achieve their goals. Coaching is about asking the right questions; not about giving advice. Effective coaching assumes that the client knows what they want in life,  and supports the client in achieving those goals.

They understand that growth always requires change. Clients come into coaching knowing that there are changes they need to understand and incorporate into their lives in order to be successful. They enter coaching with an opened mind willing to embrace change and do the work of taming the unconscious childhood primitive ego so they can awaken to the unconscious childhood conditioning that has been in the way of them achieving their goals.

Coaching helps the client achieve deeper understanding and insight through growth in self-awareness so they can grow and move toward the life they have dreamed about living.

I refer to this as taming the unconscious childhood primitive ego.

What Is Life Coaching Continuing Education?

Continuing education for Life Coaches is focused on the concept that a Life Coach cannot teach what they don’t know or understand. They cannot take a client any further into the darkness of their unconscious than they have been willing to go themselves.

Life Coaches know that we are all students of life. They know that intentional growth in self-awareness is a life long journey of awakening. It is never finished.

All experiences in life are experiences of a relationship; with others, the inner-journey with self, and with reality. Coaches understand that their own self-awareness; the self-awareness and awakening they have achieved through the taming of their own unconscious primitive ego, is the foundation of the wisdom and insights that the client has come into coaching to learn.

The Purpose of This Website

I believe every person learns differently, and the best learning and growth comes when the client is fee to explore their own unique gifts and discover their own unique path toward awakening and the work of creating the life they were meant to live; to become the most evolved “self” possible, and to realize their full evolutionary potential as a person.

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