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Every experience we have in life is the experience of a relationship.

Every experience we have in life is the experience of a relationship. Our life reflects the sum total of all those relationship experiences. The more we know about how our minds work, the more likely we are to create a successful life.

I spent years training as a therapist learning about neurosis, character disorders, phobias, compulsions, and the root causes of human mental health issues. I worked with clients; I did my own therapy, and I read all the books on therapeutic techniques, concepts, and healing techniques I could find.

But something was missing. I was practicing what I had been taught, but my client’s lives were not improving. They continued to struggle with anxiety and unhappiness. I also recognized that their struggles were mirroring my own attempts to find happiness and a sense of peace in my own life.

As I worked with clients helping them develop the skills and insights needed to create the lives they dreamed about living, I soon recognized that most of the struggles my clients were wrestling with came from early childhood conditioning. It became clear to me that the technical language of psychotherapy was useful for me as a therapist, but it was not helpful for the client.

I needed a language that the average person could understand.

Over my 25 years in private practice as a mental health counselor and life coach I developed the theory of Primitive Ego Psychology; an object relations theory focused on early childhood development that uses a language and concepts that even a child can understand.

Primitive Ego Psychology and Primitive Ego Theory helps life coaches, life coaching clients and readers of my Stonyhill-Nuggets Newsletter blog to:

  • increase their self-awareness so they can better listen to the wisdom of their lives,
  • awaken their consciousness to the limiting beliefs and unconscious conditioning of their childhood primitive ego (what I call taming the unconscious primitive ego)
  • achieve greater authenticity, happiness, purpose and meaning in their lives, and
  • increase their ability to add value to their lives, the lives of others, and the world… to improve their relationship with reality.

Primitive Ego Psychology and Primitive Ego Theory helps people to awaken and become more self-aware, so they learn the skills and insights needed to tame their childhood primitive ego, create happiness, develop more healthy relationships, and live the successful and meaningful life they’ve dreamed about living.

Primitive Ego Psychology teaches that our future will become our today…..and the future we create is always our choice. There is no such thing as “the future”. There are only “possible” futures. The future we create will be determined by the choices we choose or fail to choose as individuals and as a species.

We use our minds to create the lives we live. So it makes sense the more we know about how our minds work and how we think…..the more successful our lives will be.

I help life coaches, and life coaching clients become more self-aware and awaken their adult consciousness so they can a) tame their unconscious childhood primitive ego, b) improve the quality, meaning, and purpose of their lives, c) build healthy relationships, and most importantly d) increase happiness in their lives by adding value to the world and those around them.

I help my clients develop the habits, insights, and skills needed for them to create the life they dream about living; the life they were meant to live; and the life their life coaching client’s dream about living.

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