Life Coach Mentoring

What Is Life Coach Mentoring?

Both new coaches and seasoned life coaches can reach a point in their practice where they get stuck. The practice is not growing as you would like, or you are finding that it’s not as satisfying as it once was. Your clients do not seem to be responding and growing as you would like. You’re frustrated and don’t know where to turn. Your coach training has given you a strong basic education, but now you are finding situations where you feel in over your head.

A life coach mentor can help. Why go it alone and try to reinvent the wheel. Seek help from a mentor that has a lifetime of experience as a successful mental health counselor and life coach.

Continuing Education for all health care professionals is vitally important in order to provide the best possible help for our clients. Continuing professional development can enhance the quality of services you offer your clients. Life coach mentoring will help you as a life coach understand how to more effectively help your clients navigate their unconscious obstacles and continue moving toward their goals in life.

Life Coach Mentoring is focused on the concept that a Life Coach cannot teach what they don’t know or understand. They cannot take a client any further into the darkness of their unconscious than they have been willing to go themselves.

Life Coach mentoring supports the concept that we are all students of life. Life Coaches know that intentional growth in self-awareness is a life long journey of awakening. It is never finished.

All experiences in life are experiences of a relationship; with others, the inner-journey with self, and with reality. Life coaches understand that their own self-awareness; the self-awareness and awakening they have achieved through the taming of their own unconscious primitive ego, is the foundation of the wisdom and insights that the client has come into coaching to learn.

Successful life coaches work with life coach mentors. They remain actively engaged in professional continuing education.

The Purpose of This Website

This Dick Rauscher Life Coach website is offered as a way to deepen your education as a life coach. The life coaching and life coach mentoring material and videos offered on this website were designed to support your ongoing continuing education. Sign up to receive the free, biweekly Stonyhill-Nuggets Newsletter/Blog. You can also choose to meet with Dick by phone for life coach mentoring, guidance and support as you develop your life coaching practice.

I believe every person learns differently, and the best learning and growth comes when we are free to explore our own unique gifts and discover our own unique path toward awakening and self-awareness. Whether we are a life coach or a life coaching client, our goal is creating the successful and meaningful life we dream about living; to become the most evolved “self” possible, and to realize our full evolutionary potential as a person.

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