A reader sent this comment…………..

Thanks for the invite to share what I am struggling with now.  I seem to be in a dark night at the present.  Struggling with deeper ego attachments than I realized were even there.

I thought I had pretty well detached from most things but am finding things coming up that I was not even aware existed.



Sorry it has taken me so long to respond…….a very busy two weeks.

When we are in a dark night experience it is important to remind ourselves that the experience is burning away those parts of our “ego-self” that need to be burned away. What is left when you emerge from the experience is a new you……more in touch with your true authentic self.

Letting go of ego attachments is an ongoing process. Just about the time we think we are moving forward we bump into another deeper attachment. It sounds like you are doing a good job of staying present and self-aware………all growth in self-awareness is authentic spiritual growth.

Thanks for sending your comments. When we speak about and share our own journey, we are giving voice to the journey of others.

Take care

Dick Rauscher