Credentials and Background

Dick Rauscher, is a licensed mental health counselor and life coach who writes articles for the Stonyhill-Nuggets Newsletter on the subjects of Primitive Ego Psychology, awakening our human consciousness, and taming our childhood primitive ego to achieve true happiness and success in life.

His articles focus on taking full responsibility for the lives we are creating for ourselves, developing the skills required to achieve greater meaning and happiness, become more successful in life, and  learning the day-to-day psychological practices and skills needed to become more self-aware in order to achieve the life you have dreamed of living.

Happiness in life is not a goal to pursue… it is the by-product of action taken to add value to the world and the lives of those around us.

Dick offers one-on-one personal business, relationship and personal growth life coaching. He has in depth training and life experience in helping other people achieve their goals.


Dick is a NYS licensed Mental Health Provider and a Fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors with over twenty five years of experience in private practice as a mental health counselor and life coach helping clients heal, reach their goals, and achieve happier lives.

His writing in the Stonyhill-Nuggets blog is focused on the development of Primitive Ego Psychology and Primitive Ego Theory to improve the quality of our day to day lives and relationships. Until we learn to tame the unconscious conditioning of our childhood primitive ego, achieving success and happiness in life are all but impossible.

Dick is a skilled teacher whose life work spent refining the insights and theory of Primitive Ego Psychology makes him an effective teacher in the field of professional life coaching.


  • CLINICAL PSYCHOTHERAPY AND SUPERVISION includes 15 years of Individual and Group Supervision including the Onondaga Pastoral Counseling Center, the Rochester Samaritan Center, certified marriage and family professors at Syracuse University, and eight years of personal group and individual psychotherapy.
  • ACADEMIC EDUCATION includes a M.Div from Colgate Rochester Seminary and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson University.
  • BUSINESS EXPERIENCE includes engineering and management experience at Delco Division of General Motors, Singer Business Machines, Odec Computer, and CEO of Woric Corporation.
  • CLINICAL TRAINING includes the Albert Einstein School of Medicine’s Cape Cod Institute’s Agosin Group Seminar on the Integration of Spirituality and Psychotherapy, the Foundation for Community Enhancement Community Building Workshop and Community Building Skills Seminar & Training Workshop, 2 years with the New York Consortium for Advanced Training in Analytic Psychotherapy, 1 Yr of Post Graduate Clinical Residency in Object Relations Family Therapy, 2 Yrs. of Post graduate Clinical Residency in Analytic Psychotherapy, and 2 Yrs. of Post Graduate PTP Training at the OPCC Hoople Institute.

Contact Dick if you are interested in personal life coaching, continuing your life coaching education and training in order to advance your life coaching skills, or if you simply have questions about the coaching training offered by Dick.


Life Coach Continuing Education: In Primitive Ego Psychology and Taming the Primitive Ego (If your goal is to expand your life coaching skills through continuing education in order to become a more effective and successful life coach.)


Personal Life Coaching (For those searching to improve the quality of their own life.)

In both of the above, you will find Dick to be a skilled and effective teacher.

**Note: Primitive Ego Psychology and Primitive Ego Theory is based on Object Relations Theory: “Every experience in life is the experience of a relationship. Our lives represent the sum total of all those relationship experiences……with others, with self, and with reality.”

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