Dick Rauscher Life Coach

Are you struggling to build a successful coaching practice? You already have a strong desire to make a difference in the life of others, but your practice is not what you had planned.

Your coach training has given you a strong basic education, but now you are finding situations where you feel in over your head.

A Life Coach Mentor can help.


Both new coaches and seasoned life coaches can reach a point in their practice where they get stuck. Your coach training has given you a strong basic education, but now that you are in private practice you feel isolated and sometimes at a loss of where to turn for help.

Why go it alone and try to reinvent the wheel. Seek help from a mentor that has a lifetime of experience as a successful mental health counselor and life coach.

This Dick Rauscher Life Coach website is offered as a way to deepen your education as a life coach. The life coaching and life coach mentoring material and videos offered on this website were designed to support your ongoing continuing education. Sign up to receive the free, biweekly Stonyhill-Nuggets Newsletter/Blog. You can also choose to meet with Dick by phone for personal education, guidance, and support as you develop your life coaching practice.

Getting new clients and then keeping them long enough to achieve their goals is often a challenge in creating a successful life coaching/mental health counseling practice. Life coaches with a willingness to go deep into themselves, learn and practice all the things they teach their clients will become busy and successful coaches.

Coaches and clients that are stuck and not growing leave coaching and counseling.

Continuing professional development can enhance the quality of services you offer your clients. Life coach mentoring will help you as a life coach understand how to more effectively help your clients navigate their unconscious obstacles and continue moving toward their goals in life.

Dick Rauscher Life Coach, life coach mentor teaches Primitive Ego Psychology as a tool to use with life coaching clients & yourself for better quality life.

We can’t teach what we have not experienced ourselves.

We must know how our mind works, because our minds create the life we are living.

Primitive Ego Psychology is focused on client success by teaching them how their mind works.

  Primitive Ego Psychology offers life coaches the step-by-step insights and skills needed for the client to successfully move toward the life they have dreamed of living.

Our minds create our life. Primitive Ego Psychology teaches us how our minds work so we can create a more successful life.

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